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                            Hopkinton Youth Sports Association 


The Hopkinton Youth Sports Association is a volunteer organization whose mission is to provide sports for the youth of Hopkinton in an atmosphere that is positive, instructional and fun. All of the work needed for HYSA to fulfill this mission is carried out by a dedicated core of volunteer members. Without the efforts of these volunteers, HYSA would not be successful. We need your help!

We are asking every family to have at least one parent participate in one of the volunteer activities.

Below is a listing of the volunteer activities, and what they involve. When you complete your child’s registration form each season, please check off one of these categories. If you’ve already registered, please let your coach know you’d like to help. Thank you in advance for your efforts in ensuring HYSA’s continued success in offering a positive and successful sporting experience for your children!

Head Coach – involves coordinating the team and teaching the fundamentals of the sport during practices and games. Training is provided prior to the season for new coaches. In addition, there are training videos and other resources available for use.

Assistant Coach – works closely with the Head Coach as above. Team Parent – assists the coach with activities such as passing out uniforms at the beginning of the season and collecting them at the end, assisting with coordination of team parent volunteers, assisting with telephone calls, assisting with coordination of team pictures, etc.

Team Parent – there are many opportunities to help the Coaches with the team through the season.

Field Preparation – involves activities such as assisting with lining fields for baseball and softball, setting up cones/fields for Tee Ball, raking the infields prior to games, and picking up after practices and games.

Umpire – parents are able to umpire at home games for games in which licensed umpires are not required.